Master’s Degree in Music Management and Production

Places available30
CalendarFrom 10 Oct. 2023 to 23 May 2024
ScheduleTuesday to Thursday, 16:00 - 19:30.
Teaching languageEnglish
ModeAttending. It is necessary to attend 80% of classes in order to be evaluated
Fees credit78,20€

The irruption of digital platforms and the streaming distribution of music contents have introduced a paradigm shift in the management and production models and musical creation.

In order to achieve a successful career in this changing environment, being a good composer or performer is not enough. You must master a whole series of premises and tools: knowing the business environment, the dynamics of the industry, the artistic management or the role of festivals as a platform of live music broadcasting; the recording of a work or the digital creative process, as well as the subsequent commercialization and management of music and its artist. 

The Master’s Degree in Music Management and Production will provide you with the necessary knowledge of the world of music management and an introduction to recordings and music production for live performances and recordings, to open your way in the world of music in its diversity of fields and find the professional profile that best suits you. Accompanied by the best teachers and active professionals, you will acquire the skills that will help you develop in the world of music. You will have the chance to carry out extracurricular internships at the Sonar, Perelada and Pedralbes festivals, in venues such as El Palau de la Música, L’Auditori, El Mercat de les Flors and concert agencies such as Theproject. 


Access to the Master requires:

  • The usual requirements at the College

  • Bachelor’s degree in music or any university degree + musical skills (portfolio, recordings, compositions, videos,…)

  • CV and motivation letter

  • Ability to read and understand English (First Certificate level. Accreditation not required)


The Master is organized in different modules and a final work. We will deal with the legislation required to produce concerts in different venues (open air, concert halls, theaters, festivals…), as well as notions of accounting and budgets to be able to forecast and control expenses. We will also talk about the logistics needed to organize musical events and produce them, anticipating all those aspects that lead to the success of the organization by minimizing the unforeseen.

We will also study the intellectual property legislation, whether and how to register our works to get an economic profit (copyright) or share them online (copyleft).

We will get inside a recording studio and deal with the processes, techniques and troubles of the recordings. We will get to know the situation in front of and behind the microphone in a recording, and we will be introduced to production and post production, as well as live sound.

We will finally deepen in marketing techniques and marcoms to get our work distributed to the public.

There will be the possibility of doing extracurricular internships with professionals from the best festivals in Catalonia, music production facilities and concert agencies.

The Master’s Degree Final Thesis will be focused on designing a musical project proposal, based on basic sections that will be directly related to the subjects and content learned during the Master’s Degree.

Subjects and contentsExtracurricular internships

The structure and organization of the classes is fully integrated within the framework of the European Higher Education Area, with the goal that students learn to combine different capacities: receiving information through theoretical classes, learning technical skills through practical experience, and making personal introspection through experiences and reflections, so that they suit the needs and demands of the environment.

Project development 5  
Legislation and Intellectual property rights 5  
Artistic management 5  
Sound production technology 5  
Recording and post production techniques 5  
Live music sound production 5  
Events management 5  
Marcoms 5  
Innovation 5  
Master's Final Thesis 15  

The coordination of the Master will manage the extracurricular internships with the collaborating partners. The 240 hours of unpaid internships can be in the morning throughout the course or in the months of June and July, depending on the needs of production companies, equipments and festivals. Students can do internships with a previous interview as long as they have the appropriate profile.


The objectives of the Master in Management and Music Production are:

  • Train professionals with a dynamic and critical vision. Establish management parameters to enable decision-making.

  • Provide a transversal approach to the music industry in its total complexity.

  • Create the environment to understand the creative process without dissociating it from the management process.

  • Promote theoretical knowledge in different fields, and practical knowledge through stays in companies and associated festivals.

  • Focus towards the professional and work field.

  • Provide the students with tools that allow them to complete a musical project in its entirety.

  • Train the students to assimilate the vision of disruptive innovation in order to generate new unique projects.

The purpose is to train musicians, managers and producers with the widest possible approach, highly qualified both in studio and live events, and with a transversal knowledge of the international musical industry and environment.

Student profile

The program is aimed at all those people related to music who want to have a wider knowledge of the industry to be able to produce musical projects, both their own and those of other professionals.:

  • Active musicians who wish to complement their creative process and develop it from the professional management in the field of music industry.

  • Producers and managers with musical knowledge willing to contextualize and expand their gaze in the global industry.


  • Graduates in Music

  • Music professionals

  • Performers who want to carry out their artistic proposal.

  • Other professionals of the music industry, producers, management, culture…


Coordination: Marta Casals (PhD) i Imma Grimalt

Other professors with national and international recognition are also invited to teach specific monographic seminars every course. Invited professors of the last edition:

Marta Casals 
Robert Brufau 
Pep Espelt 
Pep Gorgori 
Elisenda Muns 
José Sanchís 
Jordi Alomar 
Miguel Zamarripa 
Silvia Regueiro 
Miriam Martin 
Berta Ferrer 
Kike Bela 
Juan Vidaechea 
Dario Fernandez 
Anna Aurich 
Pepe ZApata 
Marta Suriol 
Antonia Folguera 
David Ibáñez 
Giada Calvano 
Elena Carmona 
Oliver Rapopport 
Maider Mújica 
Judit Llimós 
Víctor Medem 
Montserrat Grau 
Martina Fuster

Academic year


Classes from Tuesday to Thursday, 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

1st quarter: October 10, 2023 – December 21, 2023
2nd quarter: January 9, 2024 – March 14, 2024
3rd quarter: March 19, 2024 – May 22, 2024

Dates to remember

Submission of Master’s Degree Final Thesis: 2 June, 2024
Final Thesis dissertation: 10-14 June, 2024

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