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The mission of the Instrument Park is to coordinate all the instrumental resources of the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya and make them effective in the day-to-day academic activity, thus collaborating in the training and creativity of the School’s community and society in general. We aim to maintain and renew a park of instruments to lend them to students, teachers and external institutions. 



The Instrument Park team is made up of musical instrument builders, and technical and expert personnel coordinated by a technical office.

Internal Staff
Instrument Park Technician Oscar Ibars
External staff
Piano Maintenance Jorquera Pianos
Harpsichord Maintenance Àngel Villagrassa
Organ Maintenance Grenzing
Wind Instruments Maintenance Diversos proveïdors
String Instrument Maintenance Anna Andreu
Percussion Instrument Maintenance Sforzando
Electronic and Electrified Instruments Maintenance Setem
Insurance Casablancas
Transportation Transports Agüera i Transports Ramex

Contact and Access

Opening hours B201Mondays and Wednesdays from 2 to 4 p.m.
Internal loan service B204From the centre’s opening until 30 minutes before closing
Workshop serviceA308Prior appointment:

C/Padilla, 155 (Edifici L’Auditori)
08013 Barcelona
(+34) 93 352 30 11 (ext. 4174)