Double degree in Music and Mathematics

Doble Grau

The double degree in Mathematics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics (FME), at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC),and the Higher Degree in Music from the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC), is the only degree in Catalonia that allows students to combine both studies. It was born out of the need to have a double degree that responds to the demand of a part of the students who, until now, had to choose between one degree or the other, or take them simultaneously without the possibility of subject recognition.

Who is it aimed at?

The double degree is aimed at students with high abilities in both mathematics and music, with an interest in developing their professional career in these fields.

Until now, students with this profile had to pursue the two degrees separately, with a workload of 480 ECTS. Now they can obtain both degrees by completing 419.5 ECTS, with an adapted curriculum.

Admission requirements

To access these studies, you must pass the cut-off mark of the university entrance exams corresponding to the degree in Mathematics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics (UPF), as well as pass a specific mathematics test, and the entrance exam for the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC).

The selection process will be carried out based on the qualifications obtained in the different tests.

There are five available spots per year.

What do the studies consist of?

This double degree can be pursued from the musical specialisations of Composition and Performing.

Both specializations aim to train highly qualified professionals in the fields of musical creation and performing, with their own aesthetics and language, and prepared to work with the formats, mediums, genres, and contexts that best suit the current job market demands.

The double degree is completed in 10 semesters (five academic years) and begins in September.

The curricular itinerary is personalised, with adapted schedules. 

The subjects corresponding to the Mathematics Degree are taught at the FME (c/. Pau Gargallo, 14), and those for the Higher Degree in Music, at the ESMUC (c/. Padilla, 155, L’Auditori building), both in Barcelona.

Students will need to enrol in both institutions. Credit validation will be automatic.

Objectives and Competences

The Mathematics degree at the FME provides comprehensive and demanding training in all core areas of mathematics and their applications. You will be trained in rigorous and conceptual thinking, as well as in applied aspects of the technological and scientific world. The degree is accredited with the seal of excellence by AQU Catalunya, recognising its quality, high level and academic rigor.

The degree in Higher Artistic Education of Music has the favourable accreditation of AQU Catalunya and is equivalent, to all effects, to a university degree. ESMUC is committed to a comprehensive educational model and aims to become an international reference for its training excellence and a sociological mirror of the country. It also takes on the role of a dynamizing centre for the educational and cultural ecosystem in the field of music.

Career Oportunities

These studies provide the necessary skills to access job positions related to both music and mathematics.

In addition to professions directly related to excellence in music studies (such as a degree in Mathematics), graduates will have access to job positions in research and university teaching, banking and finance, insurance and services, secondary education, industry, consulting and administration, ICT companies, bio-health companies, etc.