The specialty of Pedagogy trains music education and training professionals with a profile of both scientific and artistic components. He is professionally trained to teach music, whether in the instrument or in basic musical knowledge, but he is looking for a broad, rich, open and flexible training that allows graduates to develop their artistic and teaching activity in all kinds. of scenarios and contexts typical of music education of the s. XXI.

What are the benefits of this specialty?

Studies in Pedagogy will train you in one or more relevant areas of musical practice (interpretive and / or theoretical) and will provide you with deep knowledge, theoretical and practical, on teaching and learning in its methodological, psychological and artistic aspects. . You will also have significant practical experience. Your work scenarios will be: music schools and conservatories, educational services of local administrations, public and private cultural spaces and institutions, community cultural development projects, etc.

Other skills acquired, in addition to teaching, will allow you to carry out tasks of organization and management of schools, educational guidance, advice and training of trainers and innovation and educational research through the leadership of work teams.

What do the studies consist of?

The studies emphasize the relationship and symbiosis between theory and pedagogical practice through a wide range of subjects, focused on development and innovation in music education.

Compulsory and optional subjects in the specialty of Pedagogy cover both artistic and pedagogical aspects.

Specific areas of the degree include contents that scientifically frame education: general and specialized music teaching, depending on the instruments and groups; of didactics of consciousness and body movement, and of educational organization of music training centers.

In the second half of the studies, research and innovation in music education acquires a decisive weight with the subjects of Practicum, Seminars and Final Degree Project, of a professional nature, which will allow you to integrate in a staggered way in professional practice.

For more information, see this program’s curriculum.


The teaching staff in this specialty is diverse, with the aim of training music teachers and pedagogues with a complete and balanced range of professional skills. Every four months, the department invites highly active professionals to come into contact with contemporary music pedagogy and the most current fields of professional demand.

What to do after the Bachelor’s Degree…

Those students who want to continue their studies at the ESMUC once graduated, they can enroll in one of the master’s degrees offered by the School.

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