Research groups

ESMUC’s research groups are teams that develop different research projects within research lines that are common or thematically and methodologically close to the people who are part of them. Formed mainly by the school’s faculty, they collaborate with other university research groups or groups linked to public and private entities with the aim of carrying out artistic, scientific and technical work and promoting the continuous improvement of the bachelor’s and master’s degree courses taught at ESMUC.

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Research Group in Cultural and Musical Studies (GRECUM)

General information
  • Group code: 2021 SGR 00454

  • Dr. Anna Costal Fornells, coordinator

  • Areas of specialisation:
    History of Culture
    History of Music

  • Department of Cultural and Musical Studies

Research team
  • Dr. Albert Fontelles Ramonet (UVic)

  • Dr. Gianni Ginesi

  • Dr. Vicent Minguet Soria

  • Dr. Laura Pallàs Mariani

  • Dr. Josep Pujol Coll

  • Dr. Joaquim Rabaseda Matas

  • Dr. Oriol Saña Campoy

  • Dr. Ilaria Sartori

Field: Humanities
Areas of knowledge (RD 774/2002)
  • Social anthropology (030)

  • History of art (465)

  • Music (635)

Disciplines (UNESCO)
  • Anthropology: ethnomusicology (510105)

  • History: history of art (550602)

  • Arts and literature sciences: music, musicology (620306)

Research lines
  • Catalan composers, performers and musical institutions.
    Names specific to the Catalan musical heritage in a chronology that spans from the 17th century, the Baroque musical period, to the contemporary period.

  • Music in the cultural transformation of Catalan society.
    The reception of music and the analysis of the ideological, political and cultural changes in Catalan society from the 17th century to the present day.

  • Sound studies and ethnographic methodologies.
    Research into the presence, uses, meanings, creation, perception and understanding of the sounds and music of the environment, from both a diachronic and synchronic perspective.

Doctoral theses supervised

Music, Technology, Heritage and Memory (UB)
  • Group code: 2021 SGR 00660

  • Beneficiary entity: Universitat de Barcelona

  • Coordinator: Dr. Jaume Carbonell

  • ESMUC members: Dr. Rolf Bäcker, Dr. Susana Egea, Dr. Montserrat Gascón, Dr. Marc Heilbron

Sound and City (UAB)

  • Group code: 2021 SGR 00796

  • Beneficiary entity: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

  • Coordinator: Dr. Sílvia Martínez

  • ESMUC members: Dr. Horacio Curti

Music, heritage and society (CSIC)

  • Group code: 2021 SGR 00499

  • Beneficiary entity: Consell Superior d’Investigacions Científiques

  • Coordinator: Dr. Emilio Ros-Fàbregas

  • ESMUC members: Juan Carlos Asensio

Music Technology Research Group (UPF)

  • Group code: 2021 SGR 938

  • Beneficiary entity: Universitat Pompeu Fabra

  • Coordinator: Dr. Xavier Serra

  • ESMUC members: Dr. Perfecto Herrera

Music, performing arts and musical heritage (UVa)

  • Beneficiary entity: Universidad de Valladolid

  • Coordinator: Dr. María Victoria Cavia Naya

  • ESMUC members: Dr. Rubén López Cano