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The Erasmus+ program provides students enrolled in European universities an academic stay at another European university (from three months to a full academic year), and the subsequent recognition of the studies carried out abroad. This recognition of studies will be carried out following the Learning Agreement. This document needs to be approved by the exchange coordinator before leaving. 

The Erasmus+ program 

The Erasmus+ Program is part of the Europe 2020 strategy and the Rethinking Education strategy and encompasses all education, training, youth, and sport initiatives. 
In educational matters, it includes all levels: school, professional training, higher education, and adult training. 
Action 1 of this Erasmus+ program includes the mobility of students from Higher Education Institutions in the 28 member states of the European Union, in the countries of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway), Turkey, and the Republic of Macedonia. Switzerland is left out of the Erasmus+ program, and in case of obtaining a stay, financial aid will not be granted from the European Union nor the MEDC (Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports). However, the Swiss government is providing funding (Swiss-European Mobility Schedule). 
To carry out an exchange in a university abroad doesn’t imply the right to obtain a degree at that institution. 
Students pay the tuition fee to their home university and have free tuition at the host institution, where they are entitled to the same services that the local community receives, under equal conditions. The Reception Center must provide the necessary information on the courses offered, accommodation possibilities, and registration procedures. 

  • To be enrolled during the year when the stay is requested and also enroll in the subsequent course. Notice that it will not be possible to request an exchange place once all the credits to obtain the degree have been enrolled since the file will be closed automatically. Once the file is closed, it will not be possible to reopen it to enroll in any course or to obtain an exchange place.

  • To have passed, at the time of departure, the number of credits equivalent to the first year. 

  • Not having previously carried out stays of the Erasmus program or internship modalities that exceed 9 months. The Erasmus program allows one to carry out a maximum of 12 months per study cycle. 

  • Evidence of medical and civil liability insurance coverage.

The Erasmus scholarship

The SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education) is the entity that distributes economic funds from the European Union to grant scholarships to the students participating in the Erasmus program, both in their study modality and in the internship modality. The scholarships will be awarded following the same academic record criteria used in the selection process until all the funds awarded are covered. The aid from the Erasmus+ program will be collected by bank transfer in two payments: 

  • The first one, after leaving (December or March) for approximate amount of 70% of the total awarded. To access the first payment it will be necessary to have signed the subsidy contract,  collected the scholarship credential, and delivered the certificate of arrival. All three steps are essential to receive payment. 

  • The second payment -with the remaining amount- will be distributed when the student comes back and provides all the end-of-stay documentation. As indicated, this transfer will become effective once the student has provided the residence certificate signed by the host university (which must also clearly state the start and end dates of the stay: day, month, and year) and has completed the report on the stay carried out. 

For the first month and the last month of the stay, which are usually not full months, the departure and return days will be taken into account and will be paid proportionally to the days of the actual stay in those months (calculating that one month equals 30 days). 
In the event of not having delivered the required documentation before the scheduled date, you will be asked to return the money already paid.  

Financial aid

The amounts for the 2023/24 academic year will be made public as soon as SEPIE notifies us. We attach, as a guide, the table with the amounts for the 2022/23 academic year:

AMOUNTS 2023/24 
Group 1
Countries with a higher cost of living 
Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden 
Grup 2
Countries with a medium cost of living 
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal 
Group 3
Countries with a lower cost of living 
Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey 250€

Other subsidies 

Erasmus aid from community funds (SEPIE Scholarship) is incompatible with other aids from the European Community. 
If you receive unemployment benefits or other scholarships to carry out exchange stays abroad, contact the organization that grants financial aid to determine whether or not it is compatible with the Erasmus+ scholarship. If it is not, participation in the Erasmus+ program would be done without receiving financial aid. 

Erasmus Application Guidelines

Submission of applications

To obtain financial support from the Erasmus+ program, it is necessary to register through MOBILITY, a management program shared by most European higher music education centers. In some cases, the institution can do without this program or use another application. Always consult the application submission methodologies of each center. 
Each student can only submit up to 3 applications to participate in the program. 

Documentation for the application 

You will need the indicated documents: 

  • Photograph

  • CV

  • Academic Transcript (Report Card that you can download from the Codex Academic Management Program) 

  • Portfolio, audio, or video files (in mp4, webm, AVI, and formats or non-permanent links)

  • Motivation letter 

  • Subjects of the study plan of the host university with the corresponding number of credits 

  • Optionally: recommendation letter from the professor

Don’t forget to check the language requirements of each destination university. 

Final Resolutions and Decisions

The resolutions of the destination centers will be communicated online as they are registered in the management program, taking into account that each center has different resolution deadlines. 

Mobility information meeting

1st January- 15th February 
Preparation and submission of applications (according to deadlines of the Destination Universities). 
To apply for a grant from the Erasmus+ program, it is necessary to register through MOBILITY, a management program shared by most European higher music education centers. 
Each student may only submit up to 3 applications to participate in the program. 

Resolutions of the requests. 
The resolutions of the destination centers will be communicated online as the destination centers register them in the MOBILITY management program, taking into account that each center has different resolution deadlines.


Do not hesitate to write to if you have any doubt or suggestion. 


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