Audiovisual Loans

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Internal Loans / Self-Loans

Room A117 has a wide range of recording, sound engineering and playback resources for teaching purposes (subjects, papers, essays, etc.). It has been designed as a self-loan service and is equipped with a video surveillance system.

To enjoy this service, it is necessary to make a reservation for the equipment by accessing the ESMUC intranet with one’s username and password.

Once logged in, you can make a reservation by clicking on:

Audiovisuals > Audiovisual Equipment > New Loan > Request Loan

Once the reservation is made, access to Room A117 is granted by using the ESMUC card.


  • The loan will last a maximum of 4 days, according to the established schedules for that academic year, and always within the premises. The limit of items that can be booked per user and day is 10.

  • Self-loan is managed through a computer system that requires 24 hours in advance to take effect. The collection and return of the equipment will be done in the self-lending room (A117).

  • Users are responsible for leaving the material in perfect condition for the next loan and will be liable for any expenses that may arise from equipment misuse, which will be certified by the responsible personnel of the Audiovisual Office at ESMUC.

  • Failure to comply with this agreement will result in the application of current disciplinary regulations.

Please note that each user should bring their own SD cards and power batteries and be responsible for charging the equipment batteries, if applicable.

Extern Loan / Excepcional Cases

The loan of audiovisual equipment not available in Room A117, as well as equipment intended for external use within the ESMUC facilities, is considered exceptional. To make it effective, applicants must have the authorisation from a faculty, a department head, or the person in charge of Production, and submit their request to