Academic procedures


Communications with Academic Secretary

You can find all the information on regulations, procedures and timetables for the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees on the School’s intranet.

For other questions, please send an email to

Diploma Application

Once you have finished your studies, you can request your diploma. Please send an email to with the subject Diploma Application. Attach:

* Bachelor’s Degree only.


  • Bachelor’s Degree / Official Máster’s Degree: 204,05€

  • ESMUC Master’s Degrees: 98,05 €

The Bachelor’s Degree diploma can only be given in person. It is necessary to go to the School offices during public service hours or authorize some other person.

Cancellation of call

The student can request cancellation of the call within the period established by the center of one or more enrolled subjects that he cannot take or that he decides not to take, so that it is not qualified as a suspension or counted in the maximum number of calls allowed to pass a subject.

  • The cancellation can be requested before 50% of the time allocated to the teaching of the subject has elapsed.

  • Cancellation of the call will not result in a refund of the amount paid for registration.

  • The student will have to pay again the amount of the registration corresponding to the number of credits of the subject that he re-enrolls.

For this procedure, fill in the general application form.