Permanence regulations

  • The student can enroll full-time or part-time. The minimum number of credits to be enrolled for the part-time modality is 16 credits, not including recognized credits or training complements. In the case of music performance studies, part-time students must enroll in all the compulsory specialty credits in the first year.

  • To continue the same studies, the student must pass 20% of the credits enrolled in the previous year. The subjects that have canceled the calls will not be considered enrolled.

  • The maximum length of stay for students, both full-time and part-time, is six consecutive semesters, eight if they enroll in additional training. The suspension of the stay for a period of not less than one semester may be requested for accredited reasons that justify it.

  • The student is considered to have dropped out of the master’s degree after two consecutive academic years without enrolling. If you have dropped out of school after passing a credit, you can apply for readmission to the management of the center, which will request a pre-resolution report from the master’s degree coordination committee.

  • To pass a subject, the student has a maximum of three calls, regardless of whether he is a full-time or part-time student, and as long as it does not contradict the established semesters.

  • When a curriculum is terminated, the student will have the right to be evaluated during the next two years.

  • Esmuc promotes the effective adaptation of these permanence regulations to the characteristics of students with special needs through the assessment of the specific case and the adoption of specific measures.

The UAB and UB rules of tenure apply to university master’s degrees in the Interpretation of Early Music and Music as Interdisciplinary Art. They are therefore excluded from this regulation.