Registration will be paid divided into three installments. The first of them (25%) is paid by barcode at the time of registration. The second (25%) and the third (50%) are paid by direct debit. You must inform the IBAN number in your registration form.

Modalities and terms

% matrícula
% enrollment
Data límit
Fecha límite
1) 25%23/06/2023Codi de Barres / Código de barras / Barcode *
2) 25%15/11/2023Domiciliació / Domiciliación / Direct debit, o/or:
Codi de barres / Código de barras / Barcode.
3) 50% 13/03/2024Domiciliació / Domiciliación / Direct debit, o/or:
Codi de barres / Código de barras / Barcode.

* Barcode for students without bank details SEPA zone. For receipts that are returned, a surcharge of €40 will be applied.

If you have a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors, in addition to marking the corresponding option, you must send the supporting document to:


Fees: ordinary enrollment

Ordinary registration is one in which the student must pay the registration fee in full.

Price per credit

  • 25,04 € (ECTS credits. Approved by the ESMUC Board of Trustees).

To the price of the registered credits it will be necessary to add the school insurance and the material:

  • Compulsory school insurance under 28 years: 1,12 €

  • Compulsory school insurance over 28 years: 22 €

  • Miscellaneous material: 11 €


Second and successive calls

When a student enrolls for the second time for the same credit, the amount of this credit is increased by 50% in group subjects and 100% in individual subjects. From the third time, the increase is 150% in collective subjects and 200% in individual subjects.

Second and successive degrees

Students who have one or more advanced music degrees are subject to a 40% surcharge on the price-credit of the credits to be taken (this surcharge does not apply to recognized credits).

Exemptions and bonuses

Large or single parent family

People who belong to a large family in the general category or a single-parent family will obtain a 50% reduction in the price of the credit in their tuition. If they belong to a large family in a special category, the reduction will be 100%. In both cases it is necessary to present the relevant current documentation. In accordance with the legislation, these reductions can only be applied to people of Spanish nationality or to non-Spanish nationals who meet the requirements established by Law 40/2003, of November 18, on the Protection of Large Families (BOE 277 of November 19 2003).

Honor Rolls and Extraordinary Award

Students with honors or extraordinary prizes in the baccalaureate are entitled to full exemption from public fees for all the credits they enroll in during the first year they take at Esmuc, provided they do not enroll in the same time in any other higher study. The exercise of this right is not subject to a term.

Students who obtain honors in any subject will receive a bonus of the amount of the number of credits equivalent to the one they have obtained this qualification, in the enrollment of the following course.

Disabled people

Students with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% will be entitled to full exemption from the public prices set out in this document. This condition must be accredited by presenting any of the documents provided for by current regulations.

Students 65 or older

Students aged 65 or over who do not have any official university degree and who enter Esmuc to pursue official higher-level studies will be exempt from the amount of credits when they enroll for the corresponding concepts for the first time. This condition will be accredited with the presentation of the identity document or passport.

Victims of terrorist acts

People who have been victims of terrorist acts, as well as their spouse and their sons or daughters, are entitled to a total exemption in the price of their tuition credits. This condition is accredited with the presentation of the corresponding administrative resolution. In the case of the spouse and sons or daughters, the family book must also be attached.

Victims of gender violence

Victims of gender-based violence, as well as their dependent sons and daughters, will be entitled to full exemption in the price of their tuition credits. This condition is accredited with the presentation of any of the documents provided for by current regulations, as well as the family book in the case of dependent children.

Don’t forget that…

Having a debt with the ESMUC entails the exclusion of any economic benefit (scholarships, aid…), of services and, ultimately, of evaluation of the subjects studied.

The public prices of the ESMUC are subject to an annual review and approval by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.