Concert cycles and collaborations

Among the regular activities of the ESMUC, the concert cycles offer students the best tool for acquiring experience in front of an audience in conditions and with a level of demand typical of professional practice.

The School’s regular programme includes cycles such as the Large Ensembles, Dimarts Toca ESMUC, the Wednesday Jam sessions and the early music cycles. The performance students take part in meetings with other professional bands, as well as in the Camerata that the Quartet Casals organises twice a year at ESMUC.

Finally, let us not forget that the students of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Performance and Conducting finish their studies with a final concert open to the public.

ESMUC stable cycles

Grans Conjunts 1x1

Large Ensembles

The cycle of the ESMUC’s Large Ensembles is held at the end of the school terms, when the School’s ensembles show the fruit of their work.

Logo Dimarts Toca Esmuc

Dimarts toca ESMUC

A stable cycle that shows the diversity of musical styles and formats that coexist at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya.

Esmuc Jam 2022 2023 (1)


The ESMUC Jam is the meeting point for musicians who want to share talent, intuition and spontaneity for the pleasure of playing together.

Cicle Concerts Finals Esmuc

Final Concerts

ESMUC students from the Performance and Conducting specialisations showcase the skills they have acquired throughout the course in a final concert of their specialisation.

Main collaborations

Museu de la Música

The proximity shared by the ESMUC and the Museu de la Música has led to a close and prolonged collaboration over time, especially in the field of early music, with concert series such as the “Café amb notes d’Antiga” (Coffee with Early Music Notes).

Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi

A large part of the music played in the “Vespres d’Antiga” cycle in Santa Maria del Pi comes from the Parish Archive of the Basilica. Thanks to this collaboration, a heritage that would otherwise be left sleeping on the shelves is recovered.


Goethe-Institut Barcelona

The Goethe-Institut Barcelona hosts a series of concerts with the participation of the students of the Master’s Degree in Lied and the Barcelona Jazz Master. Within the framework of this cooperation, ESMUC students have access to discounts on German courses.

Jazz A La Pedrera

La Pedrera

La Pedrera collaborates with ESMUC with a programme of jazz and modern music that gives a voice to the city’s emerging talent. The concerts are held on summer nights in the magical setting of La Pedrera’s rooftop terrace.

Museu Mares

Museu Frederic Marès

The exchange of knowledge between the Museu Marès and the ESMUC, two institutions at the service of art and culture, has resulted in a cycle of small concerts, where objects from the collections establish a dialogue with music.