The conditions of access to enroll in the official and artistic master’s degrees are set out in Article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October, and in Article 15 of Royal Decree 1614/2009, of 26 October. October, respectively.

To access, you must have one of the following titles:

  • Official Spanish Higher Degree in Artistic Studies.

  • Degree issued by a higher education institution of the EHEA that entitles, in the country of issue, to access the artistic / official master’s degree courses.

  • Non-EEES degree. In this case, the homologation of the degree is not necessary, but it will be necessary to verify in advance that the degree accredits an equivalent level of training. Access in this way does not in any way imply the approval of the previous title or its recognition for other purposes.

Access to the master’s degree without prior approval requires the following documentation:

  • Properly completed pre-registration form.

  • Certified copy * of the higher degree in music or equivalent, translated and legalized through diplomatic channels.

  • Certified copy * of the certificate of the subjects studied, translated and legalized through diplomatic channels.

The coordination of the master’s degree is responsible for carrying out the appropriate procedures.


The Esmuc establishes the procedure for admission to each of the master’s degrees. This procedure includes specific criteria and merit assessment criteria, as well as specific prior training in certain cases.

The specific admission criteria for each master’s degree are detailed on the corresponding page.

*What is a certified copy?

It is the copy confronted with the original document, in which the formal coincidence of the two documents is stated by means of the corresponding diligence.