Archives and Personal Collections

The ESMUC Library-CRAI has significantly increased its collection thanks to the generosity of individuals and entities that have contributed to it by means of donations and loans of personal collections, consisting of different types of documents.

If you wish to collaborate towards the growth of the Library and have any musical-related document that you are interested in donating, you can consult the ESMUC Library-CRAI Donation Acceptance Protocol, and get in touch as follows:

  • At the Library-CRAI information desk.

  • Through the web form

  • By phone: calling 93.352.30.11

A concise inventory of the documentation being offered is required, including the main data: title, author, publisher (or label) and year of publication. If accepted, the Library may arrange for the donation’s transportation.


Aguilella Salgado, Família

Josep Maria Ainaud De Lasarte

Ainaud de Lasarte, Josep Maria (Barcelona, 1925-2012)

Eric Ainaud

Ainaud, Enric (Alacant, 1875-Barcelona, 1958)


Alcover, Jordi

Peter Bacchus

Bacchus, Peter (Nova Jersei, 1954-2016)


Blanch Via, Rafael (Barcelona, 1933-)

Farré, Francesc (barcelona, 1893 1982)

Farré, Francesc (Barcelona, 1893-1982)


Figueras Anmella, Núria i Immaculada

Miquel Gaspà Bertran

Gaspà Bertran, Miquel

Salvador Mas Conde

Mas Conde, Salvador


Michel, Guillermo


Ortiz de Zárate Alufre, José (València, 1887-Barcelona, 1959)

Joan Pere

Pera Talamás, Joan (Sant Pol de Mar, 1912-2003)

Fons Reguant

Albert Reguant

Ribera Bergós, Jordi (Barcelona 1961 – Sant Celoni 2021)


Victòria dels Àngels (Barcelona, 1923-2005)