Official Master’s Degree in Performance of Classical and Contemporary Music

CalendarFrom September 2023 to May 2024
ScheduleInstrument lessons and ensemble rehearsals:
Monday to Friday.

Group classes for theoretical subjects: Friday and
Teaching languageCatalan, Spanish, English
ModeAttending. It is necessary to attend 80% of classes
in order to be evaluated
Fees credit65,25 €
Specialties- Piano (Màx. 7)
- Guitar (Màx. 4)
- Voice (Màx. 6)
- Orchestra Instruments(flute-piccolo, oboe,
clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, french horn, trumpet,
trombone, tuba/euphonium, violin, viola, cello,
double bass, percussion and harp)
- Organ (Màx. 3)

The Master’s Degree in Performance of Classical and Contemporary Music Instruments is a professional degree. The objective is to train specialists in musical performance by offering a program of improvement in the instrument while concentrating on the specific repertoire in order to develop independently in a professional environment, either as soloists or as members of musical groups.

Admission process

For all specialties, a CV and a proposal must be sent specifying:

  • The main lines of interest about musical research related to your instrument and ideas on the subject of the final project.

  • A list with a proposal of the repertoire to study during the master program.

  • A link to Dropbox or a Yotube channel, or a DVD of a minimum duration of 30 minutes, with recordings of 3 fragments of works of different styles, or sufficiently differentiated parts of a complex work, of the instrumental specialty of choice. The recording, made with a fixed camera, must include the candidate’s image and sound. It is essential to include the date of the recording, since the performance must be withinf the last 6 months.

In case of doubt, or if the teachers consider it necessary, a face-to-face audition may also be requested.


The Master is divided into required and optional areas. Each area includes different subjects, of which some are common and others specific to the specialty.

Check the program for the specialy in:

  • To provide advanced training and professional specialization in the field of music performance, while promoting critical thinking to enhance self-directed work.

  • To prepare musicians to enter the professional environment at the highest level, with the knowledge, flexibility and imagination necessary for them to develop a professional practice in contemporary artistic life.

  • To encourage students to come together as competent musicians, expanding and integrating their intellectual, emotional and physical resources, as reflected in the practice of musical excellence.

Student profile

This masters is aimed to individuals with a Bachelor Degree in Music (or equivalent) or music professionals in the field of contemporary and classical music, who wish to specialize in music performance at the highest academic level and interpretation.




Barbeta, XavierPiano
Camell, JordiPiano
Bronevetzky, VladislavPiano
Dichamp, Jean-FrançoisPiano
Masó, JordiPiano
Pla, AdolfPiano
Reach, PierrePiano
Salinas, RafaelPiano
Guinovart, AlbertPiano
Candendo, OscarOrgan
Garrobé, AlexandreGuitar
Young, Laura AnneGuitar
Pintó, MireiaVoice
Garrigosa, FrancescVoice
Lloris, EnedinaVoice
Mateu, AssumptaVoice
Natividade, MargaridaVoice
Prats, VicensFlute
Mora, AlbertFlute
Gàllego, JúliaFlute
Martínez, EduardoOboe
Chiralt, DolorsOboe
Fuster, JosepClarinet
Lluna, Joan EnricClarinet
Gascón, Luis IgnacioSaxophone
Garcia, Mariano Saxophone
Farrés, MireiaTrumpet
Perpiñán, DanielTrombone
Garcia, RaulTrombone
Fernández, Pablo ManuelTuba/euphonium
Bernat, MiquelPercussion
Ferrandiz, LorenzoPercussion
Aixa, MarcPercussion
Castro, RaquelViolin
Kai GleusteenViolin
Vesna GruppmanViolin
Stanculeasa, VladViolin
Pestalozzi, CristoforoCello
Mor, JoséCello
Camps, JonathanDouble bass
Martínez Botana, Uxia Double bass
Barrera, MagdalenaHarp
Gotlibovich, YuvalViola
Brown, JonathanViola
Pillai, AshanViola
Guaus, EnricNon-instrumental subject
López Cano, RubénNon-instrumental subject
Branch, AlanNon-instrumental subject
Mora, MireiaNon-instrumental subject
Barbal, MargaridaNon-instrumental subject
Grimalt, JoanNon-instrumental subject
Baecker, RolfNon-instrumental subject
Coll, XavierNon-instrumental subject
Gasull, FeliuNon-instrumental subject
Simarro, MiguelNon-instrumental subject
Carrasco, ElisendaNon-instrumental subject
Borràs, JosepNon-instrumental subject
Pujol, JosepNon-instrumental subject
Tentor, AlexGuitar
Lossev, DenisPiano
Serrano, ÁngelTrompet
Wise, EricaCello
Chiantore, LucaNon-instrumental subject
Gascón, MontserratNon-instrumental subject
González, PedroNon-instrumental subject
Martínez Botana, UxiaNon-instrumental subject
Minguet, VicentNon-instrumental subject

3 BECAS AIE of €1,670 (each) for students of the ESMUC’s Official Master’s Degree in Performance of Classical and Contemporary Music.

Master’s degree accredited by the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia

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