Performance: traditional music

Esp Tradicional 83

The specialty of Interpretation of traditional music instruments is divided into three itineraries:

  • cobla instruments

  • instruments of traditional Catalan music

  • flamenco

The school also offers a series of complementary teaching activities: concerts by teachers, student groups, seminars, workshops, courses, talks and master classes related to this type of music and open to the general public. We also work on the research and promotion of repertoires and the creation of stable groups or ensembles of traditional music.


Cobla instruments:

  • Flabiol and tambourine

  • Tible

  • Tenora

  • Fiscorn

Musical instruments traditional Catalan:

  • Gralla/dolçaina

  • Bagpipe

  • Diatonic accordion


  • Flamenco guitar

  • Flamenco

What are the benefits of this specialty?

The specialty of traditional music interpretation will make you a qualified professional with a complete mastery of the instrument’s interpretation techniques and repertoire. You will be prepared to carry out the professional practice of performing in a variety of work contexts, as a soloist or member of a group, ensemble, cobla, traditional orchestra, or at festivals, flamenco tablaos, etc.

The theoretical and analytical knowledge acquired will facilitate your access to postgraduate studies, and other fields such as teaching, the publishing world or music criticism.

What do the studies consist of?

The curriculum is made up of basic training subjects, compulsory specializations, electives and final degree work

The compulsory subjects of the specialty include mainly the subjects of instrument or voice, complementary instrumental training and ensemble music, and include subjects such as:

  • Main instrument (individual teaching)

  • Secondary tool

  • Improvisation

  • Instrumental ensembles

Curriculum of:
Copla instruments: Flabiol and tamboril, Fiscorn, Tenora, Tible
Instruments of traditional Catalan music: Acordeón diatónico, Cornamusa, Gralla
Guitarra flamenca
Flamenco singing

The teachers who teach the classes in this specialty are highly qualified and diverse in terms of aesthetics, styles, techniques, media and approaches, in order to train musicians with their own language and aesthetics.

Daniel Carbonell Sugranyes, gralla/dulzaina.
Galdric Santana Roma, cornamusa.
Jordi Rodríguez Rodríguez, impro.
Marcel Casellas Navines, impro.
Miriam Migueles Vallejo, cante flamenco.
Rafael Cañizares Lara, guitarra flamenca.
Alfredo Lagos, flamenco.

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