Reprography and Printing

The School has 6 high-capacity multifunctional copiers:

  • 4 of them located in: Library-CRAI (2nd floor), and in the corridors of the 2nd and 3rd floor. To be used by students, professors, and Administration and Service Staff.

  • 1 multifunctional copiar: located in the Academic Secretary’s Office (1st floor). For Administration and Service Staff use.

  • 1 copier in the Reprography Service office (1st floor). For Administration and Service Staff use.

The use of the self-service equipment is the responsibility of the user and must always comply with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law regarding the reproduction of printed material.

The price of printing and photocopying is subject to fees and public prices approved by ESMUC.

Manuals and Instructions

In the ESMUC reprography and printing machines, you can use the service autonomously by following the following instructions: 

Online top-up

Instructions for adding credit to the printing balance

  • Go to the PaperCut website (printing management system).

  • Enter the ESMUC credentials to access the platform.

  • Once inside the platform, go to the Summary tab in the side menu.

  • Select the balance you want to top up.

  • Check the policy box.

  • Click on the Add Balance button.

  • You will be redirected to the payment platform. Enter the requested information on the screen and click Pay

Payment must be made by means of a bank card.

Printing Manuals

Via computer desktop

Printing can be done from any computer on the ESMUC network by selecting the “ESMUC_printer” printer.

This option allows you to select printing characteristics.

Via email

  • Go to the website

  • Enter your e-mail access credentials. You can only print from an ESMUC e-mail address (it does not work from Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)

  • Write a new email to with the attachment you want to print. Keep in mind that only pdf format files are accepted and that jobs will be printed double-sided by default.

  • Once the mail is sent, the document can be collected from any of the printers in the School.

Troubleshooting: if the document is not found in the printer, you must check that the e-mail has been sent from an ESMUC e-mail account. If it is sent from a personal e-mail account (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) it will not work.

The default printing option from this method is double-sided. This option cannot be modified. If you need to print on a single side of the page, you must print from computers in the Library-CRAI or another of the ESMUC computer rooms.

Printing Manuals

Reprography service for external users

Library-CRAI users who do not belong to the ESMUC community (students, teachers and PAS) can still use this service, with a prior registration request by going to the service and information desk.

They can only use the equipment located in the Library consultation room.