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New students

In order to be admitted to higher artistic education in music, the student must meet the academic requirement of Baccalaureate and pass the School’s entrance examination. 

Academic requirements

  • The bachelor’s degree, or

  • Having passed the university entrance examination for students over 25 years old.

The following are accepted as the equivalent of the baccalaureate:

  • LOGSE or LOE baccalaureate

  • Plan 70 BUP + COU

  • Entrance test to university studies for students over 25 (regardless of the university degree)

  • Any university qualification (degree or diploma), including any Higher degree in music (Plan 66 and LOGSE)

The documentation to be submitted is the diploma or receipt. Only students who have finished LOE baccalaureate in the same year as the entrance test take place can alternatively submit a certification in which it is stated that they are to be issued the pertinent qualification.

Students without academic requirements

Students who do not meet the academic requirements and are 18 years old or reach the age of 19 within the same year of their entrance test, can access to higher education in music by passing a specific exercise organized and regulated every year by the Department of Education to show their maturity in relation to the objectives of baccalaureate. Check the calendar of this exercise.

Exceptionally, those over the age of 16 who are studying the 6th year of professional music education, or who have passed the entrance test, and who want to access the Degree, will also be able to take this test.

Transfer of files

Resolution ENS / 2969/2011, 21 November

Students from other higher music centers in Spain can request a transfer of files to continue their studies at Esmuc. If the transfer is accepted, the Esmuc will contact the student’s center of origin to request the necessary documentation. 

If the subjects have been taken in non-state centres, but within the European Higher Education Area, the applicant will need to provide, in addition to all the required documentation, the grading system of the country where the subjects were taken, in order to establish equivalence.


A file transfer application must be completed by April 30th.

The following documentation must be attached:

  • Motivational letter.

  • A resume of up to 300 words.

  • For requests for transfers of the specialties of Management (A sample of a real practice of management in front of a training), Interpretation and Pedagogy, an audiovisual recording of 10 to 20 minutes that will be sent with a link that will indicate in the application. The recording must be done with a fixed camera and must include the image and sound of the applicant. It is essential that the date of registration is also stated; this will have been done during the last 6 months.

  • A copy of the updated academic transcript of the center where the studies are being conducted.

  • Other documents or audiovisual media that the applicant deems appropriate.

All documentation will be sent by e-mail to indicating in the subject: TRANSFER OF FILE.


Resolutions will be communicated in writing to the applicant via the email indicated before May 31st.


If the transfer of the file is accepted, the Academic Secretary will contact the student to complete the registration. It will be necessary, before formalizing it, to prepare the credit recognition sheet with the Academic Secretary. As indicated in the regulations, the Esmuc will recognize all the credits passed by the student. The tuition fee for these credits will be 25%.

Students enrolled in the Esmuc

Esmuc students who wish to transfer their file to another Spanish higher music center must follow the procedure and deadlines established by the destination center. If the destination center accepts the transfer, the transfer center will notify Esmuc and request the corresponding documentation.

Second and subsequent degrees

People who have already completed higher studies in music, either at the Esmuc or at another official center in Spain, and who wish to study a second degree (or later) must take the entrance exams and indicate in the inscription this circumstance expressly. Please note that it is not allowed to study more than one degree at a time at Esmuc, or at two official music centers at the same time.

If you are admitted, and before formalizing the registration, you will need to request an interview with the Academic Secretary in order to determine which subjects will be recognized in the new degree and the procedure to be followed. The student will pay 25% of the price per credit of those subjects that are recognized.

Instead, a surcharge of 40% of the price of the credit will be applied to them in the subjects they will take in the new degree..

Foreign qualifications

Students who do not have a Spanish degree must enter the Esmuc through the common entrance test for everyone. It is not possible to access it by file transfer, as Spanish law does not allow it from foreign centers.

High school degree

Spanish law recognizes foreign studies equivalent to high school. Those who are in possession of it must have their degree approved by the Spanish academic authorities and, in this way, it will not be necessary to take the baccalaureate exam. There is no common rule on approvals as the conditions vary depending on the bilateral agreements of the Spanish State with the other states.

Approvals can be requested (or information requested) from the Ministries of Education and Science of the Spanish embassies and also at the consulate closest to the place of residence of each person concerned.

If the approval has already been applied for but it has not yet arrived at the time of registration for the entrance exams or enrollment, the “Provisional Registration Flyer” will be provisionally accepted.

Foreign students who have completed the baccalaureate in their country must apply for approval by contacting the Ministry of Education and Science of the Spanish Embassy in their country or the Spanish Consulate closest to their city of residence.

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