PhD in Musical Arts from Washington University, 1994. Master’s degree in Popular Music from U.C. Berkeley, 1989. Bachelor’s degree in Guitar from the Conservatory of Liceu, 1986. He has studied with John Rahn, Richard Karpen, Andrew Imbrie, Joan Albert Amargós, among others.


He is the founder of the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya and head of the Department of Creation and Musical Theory. He has also been an associate professor in the Department of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a professor of Composition Techniques with Computer Media at the UPF Audiovisual Institute.

He has participated in numerous seminars, colloquiums, and congresses, and has published several works and articles on aesthetics, education, and contemporary music.

He has developed computer tools for composition and sound generation.

He is a performer of flamenco guitar. His catalogue of compositions includes electroacoustic, mixed works, and works for various musical ensembles.