Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is passive, and refers to conservation to ensure its protection and safety, climate and pest control, proper transportation and movement, or risk coverage through insurance.

Instrument movement and transportation

The Instrument Park is responsible for guaranteeing the correct movement and transportation of instruments in accordance with safety and occupational hazards criteria, aiming to guarantee their integrity while facilitating access and availability for the development of academic activities.

Climate control and regulation

The instrument park takes care of ensuring the preservation of ESMUC’s entire instrumental heritage, which involves controlling the temperature and humidity to which the instruments are subjected, both in their regular storage locations and during productions outside the School premises.

Insurance and coverage

EESMUC’s instrumental heritage is protected by an insurance policy that covers the most valuable instruments and provides extensive coverage in case of theft, robbery or damage.

Instrument cleaning and hygiene

The level of cleanliness of the instruments and accessories at ESMUC is part of the objectives of the Instrument Park maintenance plan.

Instrument security and control
Control de seguretat de l'escola

Managing the implementation of ESMUC instruments in its spaces and ensuring their safety by carrying out pertinent controls, is part of the responsibilities of the Instrument Park.

Pest control and treatments

The Instrument Park carries out periodic inspections to detect insect pests or the growth of organisms, such as fungi, that could damage the instruments.