He is a cellist and pedagogue trained at ESMUC. His interest in other musical styles and his approach to teaching led him to be in contact with institutions like CMDL (Centre des musiques Didier Lockwood), Mustradem (Musiques Traditionnelles de Demain), Crisol de Cuerda with Natalie Haas and Alasdair Fraiser, and Cello Creative Workshops with Eugene Friesen as well as studying some aspects of the Willems and Suzuki methods.


He is the author of the CD and book «Tangram, violoncel a peces» aimed at understanding the cello from different perspectives to classical music.



As a performer, he was a member of the Brossa string quartet from 2010 to 2017, and performed in the show "Somnis de sorra" with the Companyia Ytuquepintas.


He is a professor of improvisation and/or accompaniment and collaborates in the subject of instrument didactics at ESMUC. He also participates in projects of musical creation with people with functional diversity, and works as a cello teacher.