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Music, Senses and Body in the 5th edition of the ab sentits meeting

Pell Gallina Imatge Lliure
Jornades ab sentits V: Music, Senses, Body.

Call for Papers. Submission of proposals until January 31, 2023:

Call for papers on music, senses and corporality to participate in the V Ab sentits meeting that will take place from March 2 to 4, 2023

The fifth edition of the Ab sentits meeting is convened at the ESMUC for March 2, 3 and 4, 2023. The organizers, Joan Grimalt, Rolf Bäcker and Marco Heilbron expect proposals from teachers, students and alumni on any topic that relates music with its multiple senses. The conference will feature the participation of the Greek pianist and musicologist George-Julius Papadópulos, who will offer a recital and a plenary presentation.

Music, Senses, Body

The motto of this edition is understood as a suggestion and does not intend to exclude any topic that is related to music as a message, or music with meanings. Lately, the body has received extraordinary attention in humanistic studies, and naturally also in musicology —perhaps as a compensation for the long decades in which the vision of an ideal music, detached from the body and the world, served as a model for performers, composers and musicologists. The meeting wants to contribute to a constructive and inclusive renewal.

One of the issues that the surveys have valued about these Conferences is their diversity of both genres and approaches. In order to maintain and expand this richness, which gives rise and meaning to dialogue, during this edition the participants will also be able to listen to a lot of live music by teachers, students and alumni, as well as a round table on this year’s motto: music, senses, corporality.


You can send communication proposals of 20 minutes (plus 10 minutes of comments and questions) and short recitals with comments of 30 minutes. The sessions are open to proposals from students, teachers, alumni, and also people from outside the College.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is January 31, 2023 and they must be sent to the email in word. The proposal must contain an abstract of approximately 500 words, five keywords, and a brief resume of up to 150 words. In addition to Catalan and Spanish, the College and the organizers want to promote the presence of English language.

A commission made up of Rolf Bäcker, Luca Chiantore, Lorenzo Coppola, Joan Grimalt, Rubén López Cano and Joan Francesc Vidal will choose a new meeting and dialogue space to be configured from Thursday to Saturday at the ESMUC, around issues that link the departments and the people who learn and teach in the College.

Jornades ab sentits 2019.

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