Didier Likeng

Department of Jazz, Flamenco, Popular and Traditional Catalan Music


Cor gospel

Didier Likeng


He has performed tours throughout Europe and has also conducted workshops around the world (Spain, France, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, United States, Canada, and the Caribbean).


Originally from Cameroon, born in Yaoundé and based in Belgium, Didier is a musician with extensive experience with both choirs and on stage. His passion for Negro Spirituals and Gospel began at a very young age, singing in his church choir at just 11 years old. At the age of 13, he started directing various choral groups in Cameroon.

Didier plays several instruments, and besides being a successful gospel choir conductor, he is also a great singer, composer, arranger, and artistic producer, with more than 150 albums produced by different artists.

In 1992, he created "The Marvellous Gospel Singers" in Belgium and also directed various choral formations, such as "The Zion Gospel Spirit," "Gospel Wings," or "Golden Gospel Voices," performing in more than 3500 concerts throughout his artistic career.


Since 2005, he has been a Gospel teacher at the ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) in Barcelona.