Satisfaction surveys

The Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya collects the satisfaction of the different groups and collectives that participate in its training plans through anonymous surveys. The figures reflect:

1. The level of satisfaction with the subjects.
2. The level of satisfaction with the teaching activity.

For both indicators, scored out of 5, the standard deviation (S) is also collected. This measure shows the variation or dispersion that the values present with respect to the mean.

On the other hand, the Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya (AQU) coordinates the satisfaction survey of people who have just obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree. In this case, the indicators are scored out of 10 and the standard deviation is not collected. The artistic studies taught by ESMUC have been verified by the AQU with the same criteria with which university studies are evaluated.

Academic year

Satisfaction Bachelor’s Degree

Curso2020 - 2021 2021 - 2022
Tasa de respuesta, estudiantes46.94% 37.36%
Tasa de respuesta, estudiantes de 1o55.22%48.53%
Tasa de respuesta, titulados y tituladas48.7%
Tasa de respuesta, profesorado-59.35%
Programa formativo, estudiantes4.03/5 (S=1.34)4.05/5 (S=1.31)
Programa formativo, estudiantes de 1o4.12/5 (S=1.31)4.20/5 (S=1.09)
Programa formativo, titulados y tituladas7.8/10
Programa formativo, profesorado-3.14/5 (S=1.38)
Actividad docente, estudiantes4.12/5 (S=1.31)4.13/5 (S=1.28)
Actividad docente, estudiantes de 1o4.18/5 (S=1.25)4.29/5 (S=1.10)
Actividad docente, titulados y tituladas7.3/10

Satisfaction analysis