Jordi Soler

Soler, Jordi

Jordi Soler has a degree in Primary School Education in the specialty of musical education (UB, 2003), the Bachelor of Music in the specialty of Ethnomusicology (ESMUC, 2007), the Master in Music Pedagogy for music schools in the speciality of pedagogy instrument (UAB, 2008) and a postgraduate in programs design, environments and materials with ICT support (UOC, 2012).

He is currently Director and Professor of new technologies and piano at the Municipal School of Music, Dance and Theatre of Montornès del Vallès, where he has developed the ICT classroom, introducing technologies for learning music for students from 6 year old, and also teaching computer music courses. 

He owns the record and editorial company Eufònic, publishing folk and children’s music collections. He also participates in musical ensembles as pianist and keyboardist.

Since 2015, he teaches Technologies for music education subject offered by Sonology Department of Esmuc.