Paul Poletti

Poletti, Paul

Paul Poletti is a builder and restorer of stringed keyboard instruments, mainly pianos of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as a researcher and expert in the field of historical tunings and temperaments and other musical cultures. 

Trained as a composer and organist at California State University Northridge (USA), during his career he has always been interested in the application of new technologies to the challenges of designing and building instruments. He has dedicated himself to the graphical representation of different aspects of music, such as the structure of temperament and perception of consonance and dissonance. He has published numerous articles in journals and has regularly been invited to give conferences and lectures in France, Italy, Germany and Spain. He has collaborated with various museums throughout Europe in relation to their collections of keyboard instruments, and is currently the editor of the article of the New Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians on tuning and temperament.