Joan Gay i Puigbert

Gay, Joan

Graduate professor of music theory and piano by the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona, and Bachelor in History of Art by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where he obtained a PhD in Musicology with a thesis about the Girona Symphony Orchestra (1929-1937) and the relationship between orchestral institutions and urban sociability, directed by Dr. Jaume Ayats.

Music teacher (1994) and professor (2010) of secondary education, assistant professor at Isaac Albéniz Conservatory of Girona (2001-2007) and teacher at Esmuc from 2007.

His research interests focus on Catalan music of nineteenth and twentieth centuries and its interactions with European movements, especially during Second Spanish Republic, Spanish Civil War and Francoist period. He has participated in publications that provide new perspectives on musical life in Catalonia.

Research topics

  • Catalan musicians of 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Symphonic activities in Catalonia and Europe.
  • History of the Orchestra.
  • Musical institutions: music and politics.
  • Music and contemporary societies.

Main publications

  • Rabaseda, Joaquim; Gay, Joan (2017). Llorenç Pagans (1833-1883). La veu dels impressionistes. Girona: Curbet Edicions.
  • Gay, Joan; Rabaseda, Joaquim; Costal, Anna (2016). Xavier Cugat i Mingall. Girona: Ajuntament de Girona.
  • Farré, Arnau; Gay, Joan (2013). Juli Garreta (1875-1925). Obra completa III. Música orquestral, vol. 3: Les Illes Medes. Barcelona: Tritó i Diputació de Girona.
  • Gay, Joan; Pallàs, Laura; Pujol, Josep (2012). Xavier Montsalvatge. Una estètica des de la premsa. Selecció d'assaigs i crítica musical. Girona: Diputació de Girona.
  • Gay, Joan; Rabaseda, Joaquim (2011). Melcior de Ferrer (1821-1884). Cançons per a veu i piano. Barcelona: Tritó i Diputació de Girona.
  • Costal, Anna; Gay, Joan; Rabaseda, Joaquim (2010). La inauguració del Teatre Municipal de Girona l'any 1860. Òpera, espectacle, ciutat. Girona: Ajuntament de Girona.