Jordi Figaró

Figaró, Jordi

Teacher oftenora

Jordi Figaró is Professor of tenora at ESMUC. Tenora and flabiol soloist is also a professor of such instruments in the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona. Creator of the duo Instruments Catalans en Concert (1993), has performed throughout Europe, Russia (Sant Petersburg), Morocco and Veneçuela either solo, with cobla or grups cambra music and Mediterranean fusion. He has participated in about thirty television recordings of Catalonia, Catalonia Music, RNE, National Radio of France and Belgium. Author of Passió disk for tenora (2000) with pianist Jordi Vilaprinyó performing original works.
 First released in 1999 and Orchestra Concerto Tenora history, Xavier Boliart composed and directed by Lawrence Foster with the OBC. Concert repeated in 2001 with the OSV in Sabadell, the Palau de la Música and Vic, directing Salvador Brotons. Since 1998 he is the tenorista Une Anche Passe group of Montpellier. Part of the Symphonic Cobla of Catalonia. In January 2014 interprets the Concerto for Orchestra Tenora and Salvador Brotons in the Auditori of Barcelona.