Marcel Casellas

Casellas, Marcel

Teacher of improvisation and ensemble

Marcel Casellas, Bassist, composer and teacher of traditional music and root fusion. Performer, composer and director of Marcel Casellas  Principal  de la Nit So insistent. Recording and producing music CD: L’envelat Violeta (2004) La cremallera de Núria (2006) and BGI Club (2008). He teaches improvisation and  Root Fusion ensemble in  Esmuc since 2003. He has been the director -from 1992 to 2003- of the  Aula de Música Tradicional I Popular de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
He gestated various musical speculative proposal based on light and traditional roots music  such as Transardània, Casellas Sextet-Folk, L’ Orchestra dels Sòns essencials, Estramp jaç. Composer of the soundtrack of some films, chamber music works of various sizes and various compositions of various dancing of plaça i Sardana. He has performed and recorded numerous albums with formations such as Orquestrina Galana the Orchestra of the TV3 program bojos pelBall, Quintet Fibonacci , Portàtil FM, De Calaix and singers Marina Rosell, Joan Isaac, Miquel Pujadó, Rah-mon Roma-, Mirna, among others.
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