Foreign students or having studied outside Spain

Students who do not have a Spanish baccalaureate and medium grade qualification must enter the Esmuc by means of the entrance test that everyone sits. Admission is not possible by transfer of academic records, as Spanish legislation does not allow this from foreign centres.

Professional Intermediate-level Music Qualification

Spanish legislation does not recognise the Professional Intermediate-level Music Qualification from other countries. This means that all foreign candidates must sit the specific test for those who don't have the Spanish Professional Intermediate-level Music Qualification prior to the entrance tests.


By contrast, Spanish legislation does recognise pre-university studies of other countries (which is called baccalaureate in Spain). Whoever is in possession of a qualification of this kind must submit it for the approval of the Spanish academic authorities, and will therefore be relieved from completing the baccalaureate examination. It is not possible to establish a common rule on approvals, as the conditions vary depending on the bilateral agreement of Spain with other states.

Approvals (or information thereon) may be requested from the Departments of Education and Science of the Spanish embassies and also from the nearest consulate to the place of residence of each person concerned.

If you have already applied for approval but it has not yet arrived when the time comes for the entrance test or to enrol, you can provisionally use the "Provisional registration slip".

Foreign students who have done baccalaureate in their country must apply for approval from the Department of Education and Science of the Spanish Embassy in their country or the Spanish consulate closest to the city of residence.

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