Núria Sempere Director
Elisenda Gutés Assistant director
Melissa Mercadal Vice-director for academic affairs
Esteve León Vice-director for services and administration affairs
Joaquim Rabaseda Innovation, quality and research
Josep Baucells Academic secretariat
David Albet Classical and contemporary music (orchestral)
Joan Asensio Traditional music
Rolf Baecker Musicology
Àlex Barrachina Sonology
Xavier Blanch Early music
Ignasi Gómez Pedagogy
Imma Grimalt Production and mangement
Adolf Pla Classical and contemporary music (non-orchestral)
Eduard Resina Theory, composition and conducting
Joan Sanmartí Jazz and modern music
Department management units
Maria Franch Classical and contemporary music (non-orchestral)
Sonia Hunault Musicology; Pedagogy; Production and management; Theory, composition and conducting; Sonology
Juan José Rubio Jazz and modern music; Early music; Traditional music
Asha Trehan Classical and contemporary music (orchestral)
Academic management office
Marta Buxadera
Margarida López
Inma Pozo
Estefania Sánchez
Carme Sediles
Cultural services and Institutional relations
Library, Communication, and Publications
Montse Urpí Responsible for the area
Ana María Arango Library
Laia Castellvell Library
Roser Marfany Library
Carolina Pedrero Library
Gustavo Villazán Library
Antonio Álvarez Communication
Gemma Gascón Mobility programs and graduates
Rosa Tamarit Publications
Jaume Cortacans Responsible for the area
Paqui de Feria  
Adrià Segarra  
Logistics management
Antoni Flotats Responsible for the area
Gemma del Fresno Attention service
Carla Garcia Attention service
Soraya Miras Attention service
Òscar Roig Attention service
Cristina Sánchez Space reservation coordinator
Òscar Ibars Instrument stock
Economic management
Elisabet Mariné Responsible for the area
Denis García  
Clara Jiménez  
Human resources management
Pere Carreras Responsible for the area
Mònica Bayo Prevention of occupational hazards
Gisela Garcia  
Javier García Prevention of occupational hazards
Anna Toll  
IT and systems
Ricard Albert Responsible for the area
Adrián García Responsible for Audiovisual
Sixto Cámara Audiovisual
René Lluelles Information technology
Pau Ventura Information technology