La comissió de recerca de l'Esmuc

Qui som? Què fem?

Since it opened, the Esmuc has made it a priority to work on the creation of a strong structure to develop research activities. In addition to the participation in European bodies, a coordinator of research and master’s programs has been appointed, and a research committee has been organized with representation from the various departments of the School. The committee meets every two months and its objectives and tasks are:

  1. To develop an institutional definition of "research".
  2. To define the main research lines of the institution.
  3. To create and consolidate research groups which are recognized by the government agency Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR).
  4. To establish opportunities for dissemination and communication of research carried out in the Esmuc and other institutions.
  5. To coordinate objectives, themes and features of the research conducted by 2nd and 3rd cycle students in their final projects.
  6. To promote the integration of undergraduate and master's degree students in institutional research.
  7. To encourage the development of artistic research while continuing other more academic areas of research such as educational research, (ethno) musicology, sound technology or production and management.