Second Jornades ab sentits

The second edition of the "Jornades ab sentits" will be held between the 21st and 23rd of November 2019. The Jornades are a space for meeting and exchange, open to everyone who is interested from outside the school, which this year, with the motto "Musical significance, a tool to humanize the world", will emphasize the impact of expressive meanings on interpretative decisions.

The Jornades

In November 2018, the Esmuc organized the first Jornades in order to share different approaches to the subject of musical signification amongst teachers, students and alumni, and with the participation of researchers from inside and outside the school, national and international, and a very large number of external audiences.

In this second edition, organized by Rolf Bäcker, Imma Grimalt, Joan Grimalt, Rubén López Cano and Melissa Mercadal, we want to promote proposals in a range as broad as possible: jazz, flamenco, cobla, ancient music, contemporary, etc. The preferred format will be the presentation, either a rehearsal or a public class, or a brief commented concert.

An Erasmus agreement between the University of Leeds and Esmuc will allow us to count on the presence of Dr. Clive McClelland, a leading musician and musicologist, who will present his research in theory and, above all, in practice.


Call for papers

We call the Esmuc community to submit proposals with the following format:

  • Commented concerts (45')
  • Public essays, Public classes, Presentations combining performance and theory (students and alumni: 20'; professors: 30')

The proposals must contain:

  • Title, name of the speakers, affiliation (eg accordion student, professor of the PiG Dept.).
  • Abstract of the modality and contents, in 500 words approx.
  • Up to five keywords, e.g. Piazzolla, Tango, Lunfardo, Borges.
  • Brief resume of up to 150 words.
Language: Catalan, Spanush, English
Deadline for submission:  July 1st

Proposals from outside the School will also be taken into account.

The evaluation committee, made up of Rolf Bäcker, Luca Chiantore, Imma Grimalt, Rubén López Cano, Sofía Martínez, Melissa Mercadal and Joaquim Rabaseda, will make a selection among all the proposals received.

Proposals and information:


Musical Signification, a tool to humanize the world

Musical signification is what gives expressiveness and value to music, what connects it with human and humanistic values. It stresses, above all else, the aspects that join music and language. These communicative aspects should be reflected in the proposals, according to this year’s motto: the senses that we project on music make it more human, more capable of generating proximity, complicity and personal relationships; more daring for aiming at improving things via our musical and pedagogical activity, albeit against the grain.


Supporting institutions of the Jornades ab sentits: Conservatori de Tortosa, University of Zagreb, University of Leeds.