III Jornades ab sentits

For the third time, Esmuc organises the symposium Jornades ab sentits, a chance to share different approaches to musical signification. This edition will take place between 15 and 17 April 2021, under the motto "meaningful learning and teaching".


Registration will be active until April 13, 2021.

In compliance with the COVID-19 protocols and respecting the capacity limit of the Orchestra Hall, it will be necessary to register for days and choose the face-to-face or streaming modality.


Registation for the streaming session
Registration for Thursday 15
Registration for Friday 16
Registration for Saturday 17

In this third edition, the Conference will focus on the way we learn and teach with senses, ie including the expressive elements of music. In addition to the usual communications from students, alumni and teachers, a new format activity is offered: the public class. In addition, two new books on musical significance are presented, and a jazz concert, commented.

We have the participation of three guest professors from the professional conservatories of Oviedo, Salamanca and Tortosa, respectively.

Musical signification confers expressiveness and value to music, linking it to human and humanistic values. Above all, it emphasises aspects that unite music and language. This communicative aspect should be reflected in the proposals, in accordance with this year’s motto: "meaningful learning and teaching" in order to make it more capable of building up personal relations, and to make it more daring to try to make things better through our musical and pedagogical activity, even against the tide. meaningful learning and teaching

The organisers, 

Rolf Bäcker, Joan Grimalt, Rubén López Cano, Melissa Mercadal. 


Supporting institutions of the Jornades ab sentits: Conservatori de Tortosa, Conservatorio de Oviedo, Conservatorio de Salamanca, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, University of Leeds, University of Vilnius.