III Jornades ab sentits - call for papers

For the third time, Esmuc organises a symposium Jornades ab sentits in order to share different approaches to musical signification, for teachers as well as students and alumni. This edition will take place in Esmuc between 15 and 17 April 2021, under the motto "Meaningful Learning and Teaching".

We will focus on the way we learn and teach in meaningful way; that is, including the expressive elements of music. The preferred format will be a demonstration, a public rehearsal or class, or a short-commented concert. On the other side, the organisation would like to encourage collaborations between different persons in a stylistic range as broad as possible: jazz, flamenco, cobla, early music, contemporary music, etc. As in previous editions, we count on the participation of several researchers from inside and outside the ESMUC.

We invite the ESMUC’s community and the musical community in general to submit proposals 

The deadline for the submission is January 31, 2021. Applications should be sent via e-mail to: jornadesabsentits@esmuc.cat and have the following extension: 

  • Public rehearsals, public classes, presentations combining performance and theoretical reflection 
    • For students and alumni: 20’ 
    • For teachers: 30’ 

Proposals should include: 

  • Title, name of the speaker, affiliation (e. g. student of...). 
  • Summary of form and content in approx. 500 words 
  • Up to 5 key words.  
  • Short CV of up to 150 words. 

Apart from Catalan and Spanish, the ESMUC and the Jornades would like to encourage the use of English. Proposals from outside the ESMUC shall also be considered. An assessment commission formed by Rolf Bäcker, Joan Grimalt, Rubén López Cano, Sofía Martínez and Melissa Mercadal shall select from amongst all proposals a series of presentations in order to design, from Thursday afternoon to Saturday noon, a new marathon of music with senses and meanings. 

Musical signification confers expressiveness and value to music, linking it to human and humanistic values. Above all, it emphasises aspects that unite music and language. This communicative aspect should be reflected in the proposals, in accordance with this year’s motto: how do we learn and how do we teach the meanings of music in order to make it more capable of building up personal relations, and to make it more daring to try to make things better through our musical and pedagogical activity, even against the tide. 

Thank you very much in advance for your participation, be it active or “only” listening, be it within the ESMUC or without. 

The organisers, 

Rolf Bäcker, Joan Grimalt, Rubén López Cano, Melissa Mercadal. 


Supporting institutions of the Jornades ab sentits: Conservatori de Tortosa, Conservatorio de Oviedo, Conservatorio de Salamanca, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, University of Leeds, University of Vilnius.