Call for papers IV Jornades ab sentits

The fourth edition of the Jornades ab sentits, scheduled for November 4-6, invites the ESMUC community and the music community in general to present their communications within the framework of this meeting.

This year the different facets of musical significance will be addressed again, focusing on the human aspect, both of music and of significance, under the motto For a more human music.

Call for Papers

Proposals must be sent by October 3, 2021 to:

The preferred format will be that of the communication, or that of the brief commented concert. The speeches will have an expected duration of 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for questions and comments.

Proposals must contain:

  • Title
  • Name of the speaker, affiliation (e. g. student of...)
  • Summary of form and content in approx. 500 words.
  • Up to 5 keywords.
  • Short resume up to 150 words.

The organization wishes to promote the presence of English. Egalitarian proposals will also be favored, and with as broad a theme as possible: jazz, flamenco, copla, early music, etc.

For a more human music

Musical significance links music to communication and to human and humanistic values. This expressive aspect should be reflected in the proposals, in line with this year's motto. We borrowed it from the title of the latest book by the philosopher Josep Maria Esquirol (University of Barcelona), Human, more human: an anthropology of the infinite wound (2021). His plenary presentation will close these Conferences that we want to dedicate to rediscovering what can contribute to the humanization of the world of music. Abstractions can overlook just those elements that return music to its place within the human sciences. Especially in an art that has often been valued for its ineffability. For this reason, and to help make human existence visible in its most diverse expressions, we have also invited Dr. Paul Attinello (University of Newcastle upon Tyne) to open our IV Jornades with a paper focusing on the experience of AIDS.

Proposals will be assessed and selected by a commission made up of: Rolf Bäcker, Luca Chiantore, Lorenzo Coppola, Joan Grimalt i Rubén López Cano.


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