15th International Congress on Musical Signification

Additional Programme

The 15th International Congress of Musical Significance (ICMS 15), which was postponed due to the uncertainty about the current pandemic, offers additional virtual sessions during the three days that the meeting was initially planned at the ESMUC.

The sessions will take place on September 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2021 and will be broadcast via streaming.

Day Hour Session
Sept. 1st 19:00
(18:00 CET)

Catalonia: an introduction

Raül Garrigasait, hellenist and director of the Fundació Bernat Metge.

Sept. 2nd 19:00
(18:00 CET)

Teaching musical signification to Young musicians

Joan F. Vidal, pedagogue specialized in cooperative musical learning.

Sept. 3rd 19:00
(18:00 CET)

Orgasmatio: Performative challenges and muiscal signification in Hélène de Montgeroult’s Etudes for piano

Luca Chiantore, pianist, musicologist and ESMUC teacher.


Interested persons can register at no cost until the day of the session and will receive the link to access the streaming broadcast.

More information and free inscripcion to the additional programme to ICMS 15.


The 15th International Congress on Musical Signification

The ICMS is a biannual meeting on recent developments and trends in the studies of musical signification. It is the major platform of the international research project Musical Signification, launched in Paris in 1984, and subsequently directed for 34 years by Eero Tarasti..

The new date for this meeting, which will take place at the ESMUC, is June from 15th to 19th, 2022.

Performance and musical signification

The theme of this year’s ICMS is the link between music signification and performance. In other words, how might we interpret vocal or instrumental performance in the light of expressive strategies, topoi, narrative analyses, and other approaches? And how might an expressive analysis (including a topical, thymic, or narrative approach) help performers achieve a better understanding of the piece and its interpretation? How might such approaches help us to compare different performances of the same musical piece?

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