Pre-registration and enrollment

Pre-registration From May 29th until September 15th
Admissions From June 5th until September 23rd
Enrolment From June 5th

A pre-registration fee is established which, if accepted in the course, will be deducted from the total amount. Otherwise it will be refunded.


  1. Access the pre-registration form
  2. Sign up as a user
  3. Select the course that is of interest
  4. Indicate the current account details where the pre-registration amount will be refunded if not accepted in the course
  5. Please review your payment form
  6. Make the payment within the deadlines
  7. Submit the required documentation within the pre-enrollment period 

Some courses allow you to pay the registration fee in two installments. See if this is the case.

Esmuc has entered into agreements with “la Caixa” to grant loans for the registration fee.

More information: 

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