Formació continuada

The continuing education courses are aimed at people who do not fit the profile of a graduate student, or have already obtained the degree and wish to deepen their knowledge in some aspect related to their professionalization as a performer, composer or conductor.

To access these courses, applicants must demonstrate a musical equivalent to a minimum average degree. In some cases, they will also have training and experience in that particular field, or demonstrate their level of interpretation by a video recording. The teacher may require, in addition, an audition and/or an interview.

Classes are held individually. The schedule, subject to availability of classrooms, is agreed upon by the student and the teacher. If applicable, some courses can be completed with a project related to the performance or the instrument.


Upon completion of the continuing education course, the student obtains a diploma of attendance and achievement which indicates the faculty, the number of teaching hours and, if necessary, also the instrument with which this course has been taught.