Academic procedures


  • Miscellaneous material: € 11
  • Academic certification: € 24
  • Other certifications € 11.00
  • Validation, recognition and transfer of credits:
    • Price per validated credit: 100% of the credit price
    • Validation and recognition application: 100% of the credit price

Payments and return of payments

As a prior condition of registration or issuance of degrees or certificates, all outstanding amounts for enrollment of previous or simultaneous academic courses, official or unofficial, must be settled.

Failing to pay for the enrollment or any of its subdivisions within the deadlines established by the Esmuc will entail the temporary suspension of the student’s rights, including access to all the services of the Esmuc and, where appropriate, the annulment of the registration and the effects that it has produced, without right to refund.

A surcharge of € 40 will be applied to the amount of unpaid receipts (€ 20 for return and € 20 for management expenses).

The amounts actually deposited will be returned in the following cases:

  1. When for reasons not attributable to the students the academic service that was already paid for was not provided.
  2. In case there have been payments in excess, due to material or de facto errors, as well as due to arithmetical errors in the settlement.
  3. If after the payment the student justifies that he/she was in an administrative situation to deserve the bonus or exemption from payment.

Cancellation of call for exams

  • Within the deadline set by the center, the student may request a cancellation of the call for the exam of one or more subjects that he/she can not attend or chooses not to attend. By doing this, failing to take the exam will not qualify as a fail and will not count among the maximum number of attempts authorized to pass the course.
  • The cancellation can be requested before 50% of the time devoted to the teaching of the subject has elapsed.
  • The cancellation of the call for the exam will not entail the return of the amount paid as tuition.
  • The student must pay again the amount of the registration corresponding to the number of credits of the subject that he/she re-enrolls.

Application for the diploma