Pre-enrollment must be completed in order to initiate the selection process for any Master’s offered by the Esmuc (artistic, official or from within the institution) 

Each Master’s program provides a form which contains, among other questions, the selection and evaluation criteria for the pre-registrations, the periods of the pre-registration, enrollment and contact with the coordinator of the Master’s program.  In accordance with article 15 of the Royal Decree 1614/2009, of October 26, the student can be admitted to the Master’s program if the specific requirements and evaluation criteria of the Master’s degree are met.

Pre-registrations Calendar
Start date Deadline Resolution
7 February 7 March 22 March
8 March 8 April 22 April
9 April 9 May 20 May
20 May 14 June 22 june

Upon pre-enrollment, applicants must pay the amount of 30 € for the service of processing the pre-registration. Students who pre-enrol for more than one course must pay a €30 pre-enrolment fee for each course. These fees are non-refundable.

Once the pre-enrollment has been completed, the enrollment in the master program should be formalized through the system and according to the deadlines that have been set.

Two possibilities for enrollment:

  • In person, at the office of Esmuc. In this case, you must fill out the registration form.
  • Virtually, through the link that is sent to each student.

In each case, you need to obtain the information on the requirements, procedures and deadlines to apply  for  scholarship.


Upon completing the enrollment, the student will obtain a student card from the Esmuc giving him/her access to the facilities, library loan service and special rates on the School's activities.