Esmuc Master's Degree in Techniques of Contemporary Music

Màster Tècniques de la música contemporània ESMUC

The Master in Techniques of Contemporary Music gives students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of techniques for the creation and practice of new music. In addition to this, students will investigate the conceptual and theoretical frameworks that make this music possible.

Pathways Composition, Performing, Conducting
ECTS  60
Duration Starting: October 4, 2021
Schedule Weekends
Teaching language Catalan, Spanish, English
Fee credit 81,95 €

Even though there are three itineraries for specialization (composition, conducting and performance), the program emphasizes subjects common to all three thus favoring the dialogue between all branches and cross-disciplinary research. The result of this work will be seen in a common musical project with the participation of composers, conductors and performers.