Student profile

The Master's degree in Pedagogy for Musicians has its main target group in those music professionals who work between 50 and 100% of their paid working time in music training and teaching.

The profile of the Master's student is defined, among otheraspects, by the following identity notes and requirements:

  • To have a solid training as a musician: being the Master for musicians, the contents are mainly pedagogical and will need to be transferred to the field of music teaching by the student based on a well-structured knowledge of music,regardless ofthe type or style of musicinwhich he develops his artistic and formative practice.
  • Seek the improvement of one's own teaching practice, with a frank and open attitude to the reflection, criticism, transformation and innovation of the activity that is developed as a trainer. It is necessary to be aware of which aspects of the received educational tradition must be contextualized and adapted to the 21st century and which other aspects must be clearly framed in the history of music education.
  • Have, in the education and teaching of music, a field of dedication based on service to others, with clear components of personal development and vocational predilection.To have a deep involvement with education and to take charge of the personal responsibilities involvedis central to the successful completion of this master's degree.
  • Consider one’sdedication to the training of musicians as a professional career with its own entity: it is the best way to give meaning to master's studies that require significant personal effort,it isanother milestone in the general planning of one's career andit is required increasinglyin teaching professional careers by almost all international education systems.