Esmuc Master’s Degree in music education for musicians

Màster Pedagogia ESMUC

This master’s degree is specifically aimed at people looking to train as music education professionals.

Modality Distance learning
ECTS credits 60
Beginning September 27, 2021
Completion June 23, 2022
Titulació Esmuc Master’s Degree in music education for musicians.
Language of teaching Spanish
Fees credit 46,12 € 

The reality of music professionals engaged in teaching is very well profiled by the scientific literature in music education research, and coincides almost invariably in any part of the world that possesses a Western-based culture: the musician knows andmasters his practice as an artist very well but he has had fewopportunities, if any, to train in teaching skills.

As a consequence, the professional educational practice of the musician is based, above all, on the individual reworking of his learning over the years as a student, with a clearly unique and inflexiblewayto address the contemporary challenges of the teaching practice in changing contexts of the 21st century.

This raises the need for specific pedagogical training for the expert musician, andfor it to bepractical, innovative and based on the applied knowledge of the sciences of education.

This Master’s degreein music education seeks to be a training and professional improvement opportunity for the musician who loves music and loves music education. And it seeks to do so by getting to where the student is with the rigor and precision of an artistic higher education, but at the same time by a close communication and monitoring witha powerful personal, professional and academic tutoring, so that the distances -that force us to use virtual media- bring us closer than they bring us apart.