Teaching staff

Director and Coordinator Dr. Melissa Mercadal

This Master’s has the support and participation of music therapy teachers who are fully active in clinical practice and research, with many years of experience in specialist areas.

The structure and organization of the classes follows the new configuration of the European Higher Education Area (AHEA), enabling students to combine different skills: receiving information through lectures, learning technical skills through practical experience, and personal introspection through experiences and reflections regarding attitudes and appropriate behaviour to accommodate and adapt to the needs and demands of the setting. We share and defend the importance of targeting the human dimension, both in the types of problems addressed, and the human component that must always be present in any therapeutic act.


Prof. Ester Momblant; Prof. Albert Gumí; Prof. Margarida Barbal; Dr. Perfecto Herrera; Prof. Àngel Valverde; Dr. Antoni Miralpeix. Prof. Selina Worsley; Prof. Montserrat Garcia-Milà i Palaudàrias; Dra. Olga Herrero; Dra. M. José Pubill; Prof. Raquel Sáenz; Prof. Txell Neddermann.

Music therapists

Dr. Catherine Clancy ; Prof. Jonny Garcia;  Prof. Dàmaris Gelabert; Dr. Montserrat Gimeno;  Dr. Patrícia Martí; Dra. Melissa Mercadal ; Prof. Alicia Lorenzo; Prof. Mònica de Castro; Prof. Anna Menén, Prof. Fernando Dans; Prof. Elif Burgaz; Prof. Sonia Linares.

Furthermore, every year the course invites internationally respected clinical professionals to give seminars, master classes, specific monographics courses, talks and workshops.