Required documentation

Prospective students have to send:

  • Pre-registration application.
  • Photocopy of DNI, NIE or passport (without trimming).
  • ID size photograh.
  • Currículum vitae which includes training, knowldege and activities in the music field. In addition, if aplicable, it may include research experience, publications, grants of scholarships obtained and the professional experience. (*)
  • Motivation letter (*)
  • Candidates should send a Dropbox or youtube link or a DVD with a 15-minute performance (mínimum) with the instrument they intend to do Continuing education. The recording should include several fragments from diferent works of diferent styles or different parts of a piece which are sufficiently diferent.  

    The professor may also require a live audition or an interview.

(*) They can be written inCatalan, Spanish, English, French or Italian.


The documentation may be sent via:

  • Email to the corresponding coordinator/or department (see table below)
  • Regular mail or courier to the secretaries of each of the departments. Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya. C. Padilla 155 08013-Barcelona.
  • In person, to the corresponding secretary, from Monday to Friday (11:00-13:00h).
Courses Specialties Contact information
Composition and conducting
Classic and contemporary music performance String instruments
Wind instruments
Guitar, Organ, Accordion
Early Music Performance
Jazz and Modern Music Performance
Flamenco, Traditional and Cobla performance