José Lozano

Lozano, José
Sound design
Sound lab

Electrical Engineer from the University of Los Andes, Colombia . Master in Digital Arts from the University Pompeu Fabra . He has been co- director of the Master in Digital Arts (UPF) , professor of the Master in Digital Arts (UPF) , Master in Animation (UPF) , The Graduate on Musical Composition (UPF) and the Department of Sonology ( ESMUC ) . He worked as a sound engineer in the recording studio at IUA- MTG, responsible for recording and post-production projects for the Phonos Foundation . He was technical director of the International Computer Music Conference 2005 Barcelona ( ICMC2005 ) . Recorded , mixed and mastered projects for the Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra (OBC) , The Freesound Project, the FMOL TRIO , Eugeni Bonet , Harry Sparnaay , Miguel Angel Cherubito and Pedro Ballesteros , among others, as well. He has worked on interactive projects with MTG ( CosmoCaixa ) KONIC THTR , virtual gallery and Sara Nuytemans.