José Lozano

Lozano, José

Electrical Engineer from the University of Los Andes, Colombia. Master in Digital Arts from the University Pompeu Fabra. He has been co-director of the Master in Digital Arts (UPF), professor of the Master in Digital Arts (UPF), Master in Animation (UPF), Graduate on Musical Composition (UPF) and the Department of Sonology (ESMUC).

He worked as a sound engineer in the recording studio at IUA- MTG, responsible for recording and post-production projects for the Phonos Foundation. He was technical director of the International Computer Music Conference 2005 Barcelona (ICMC2005). Recorded, mixed and mastered projects for the Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra (OBC), The Freesound Project, the FMOL TRIO, Eugeni Bonet, Harry Sparnaay, Miguel Angel Cherubito and Pedro Ballesteros, among others. He has worked on interactive projects with MTG (CosmoCaixa) KONIC THTR, virtual gallery and Sara Nuytemans.