Jordi León

León, Jordi

Teacher of directory of cobla and arrengements of cobla

Jordi León teaches Directory of Cobla and Arrangements Cobla at ESMUC. He holds the title Superior Oboe by the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona. Disciple of Manuel Oltra and Antoni Ros Marbà in harmony, counterpoint, orchestration and orchestra direction. It is one of the leading flabiolaires (was disciple of Narcís Paulis). He is a renowned teacher of this instrument is the author of an extensive Treaty for study published in 2003.
 Since 1977 he is member of the Municipal Band of Barcelona as instrumentalist and flabiol oboe. He has served on various cobles and in successive stages, director of the Sant Jordi, the Maricel and The Principal del Llobregat. He is the author of some compositions among which there are about twenty sardanas. He has been awarded the Medal of Merit Musical Artwork Popular Ballet (2002) and the National Prize Agustí Borgunyó (2009) Music granted by Sabadell month.