Anna Costal

Costal, Anna

Has a degree in Musicology (2004) by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and PhD in Musicology (2014) by the same university. She has participated in research directed by Dr. Jaume Ayats concerning chants of oral tradition in Catalonia and in Corsica, and in projects related to history, composition and performance of contemporary Catalan music. 

She collaborates with Centre Robert Gerhard for the promotion and diffusion of Catalan Musical Heritage and with L'Auditori of Barcelona. She has curated the temporary exhibition Pep Ventura before the myth. When the Sardana was a fashionable dance at Museu de l'Empordà (Figueres, 2009) and she has coordinated the exhibition The musics of 1714s at Museu de la Música de Barcelona (2014). She plays the tenora in Cobla Vila d'Olesa.

Research topics

  • Music and Nactionalism
  • Popular Music of 19th and 20th Centuries
  • Catalan Musicians of 19th and 20th Centuries
  • History of Catalan Music
  • Catalan Folk Music

Selected publications

  • Costal, Anna (2013). «From Cuba with love: rhythms and revolutions in Spanish popular music in the 19th century». Dins Silvia Martínez; Héctor Fouce (eds.). Made in Spain. Studies in Popular Music. Routledge: Nova York.
  • Costal, Anna; Gay, Joan; Rabaseda, Joaquim (2010). Òpera, espectacle, ciutat. La inauguració del Teatre de Girona el 1860. Girona: Ajuntament de Girona.
  • Castillejo, Bernat; Costal, Anna (2010-12). Juli Garreta i Arboix (1875-1925). Obra completa II. Sardanes, vols.1-4. Barcelona: Tritó i Diputació de Girona, col·lecció Mestres Gironins.
  • Ayats, Jaume; Costal, Anna; Gayete, Iris (2010). Els cantadors del Pallars. Cants religiosos de la tradició oral als Pirineus / Religious Chants of the Oral Tradition in the Pyrinees. Barcelona: Dalmau Editor, col·lecció Toc de Gralla, núm.3.
  • Costal Fornells, Anna (2010): «Le passé caché. Le côté révolutionnaire et libéral des sardanes oubliées de Pep Ventura: Sardana sobre motivos del Faust et Sardana Can Can», dins Föllmi, Beat A.; Grosch, Nils; Schneider, Mathieu (2010): Music and the Construction of National Identities in the 19th Century. Actes du Colloque international«Musique et identité nationale». Strasbourg, Université March-Bloch, 18-19 octobre 2007. Baden-Baden & Bouxwiller: Koerner, Collection d’Études musicologiques, 98.