Pere Casulleras

Casulleras, Pere
Audio recording techniques I
Sonology colloquium

Organist (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Switzerland), specialized in Iberian music. He has been a freelance producer and sound engineer for several decades for classical music productions (Harmonia Mundi, Telefunken, Decca, Philips, FonitCetra, EMI, Sony, Hispavox, Jecklin, Divox, Ex-Libris, Diskant and others). He is author of several patents in the field of copying and editing analog audio tapes. His research is focused on  musical temperaments and their relationship with the practice from the point of view of music and the "Affektenlehre". Meanwhile, he contributed to the development and popularization of electric vehicles as well as meteorology, creating various applications in the latter camp. He is currently professor of the departments of Ancient Music and Sonology Esmuc and contributor to the Meteorological Office of Catalonia (Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya).