Erasmus placement in the Esmuc

If you want to do a half year or an academic year in the ESMUC, you must first approach the International Relations Office of your institution. If the Conservatoire or University has an agreement with the School, there are already established channels for sending us your application. Your institution will inform you whether you have been accepted. If there is no established bilateral agreement, it will also be your international office that will deal with the Erasmus application, with other previous processes for establishing an agreement between both institutions.

NOTE: All applications will be taken through the application DREAMAPPLY. Deadline: March 31

You will find the necessary information on the ESMUC study plan on the School website. When you make your application, you must consult this information to decide which subjects you want to do. It is important that you should establish the subject and the period of interest to you, for later it will be impossible to change individual subject decisions, and it is possible that some collective subjects might be closed having reached the limit on the number of students.

The precise establishment of the subjects will be confirmed by approving or not approving the subjects requested in your Learning Agreement, which will be returned to you before the beginning of your placement. If any of the subjects has to be modified later, and this is possible, this must necessarily be reflected in a modification of the original Learning Agreement, which your original centre must also accept.

Living in Spain as a student

European Union citizens are entitled to circulate freely and reside in the country.

Social Security and school insurance

To study abroad it is advisable to have some kind of medical insurance.

European Union citizens covered by Social Security in their country may also have this insurance in Spain. They must obtain the European Health Card before leaving the country.

Contact us 

Any query regarding Erasmus may be made by telephone at +34 933 523 011, extension 3902, or through the Web form.