Exercise for applicants with no Spanish professional degree in music


The exercise consists of a comment of a musical piece (delivered with audio and score), following the guidelines given by the School, so that the applicant can show his/her musical training. The comment must be about concrete aspects of the piece itself and about its performance, and should relate the work and its context.

The applicant may choose between various works of different musical styles corresponding to the instrumental fields offered by the school (early music, traditional music, classical and contemporary music and jazz and modern music). The duration of this musical piece is five minutes.

The time available for this exercice is two hours.

Assessment Criteria

Will be evaluated:

  • The correctness and number of comments relating to the work
  • The ability to relate specific aspects of the work with more general aspects of its musical context
  • The appropriateness of the language and terminology used
  • The expression and communication

This specific exercise computes a 5% of the final marks. It is scored from zero to ten points without decimals. Applicants who attest a professional degree in music get a 10/10.